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PSH mikroelektronické aplikácie has 10 years experience in design and production of time switching clocks!

In a short time we will present the first own-designed time switching clock with chip card!  Easy-to-use at an interesting price!

PSH-05 - with us always on time!

Time switching clock PSH-05 is the basic offer of time switching clocks for schools, companies, churches, towers etc. It is the third generation of time switching clocks produced by our company.  The success of our concept is proven by better or worse copies of these clocks.

Features of the original PSH-05:(picture here) ca. 32kB

Modified versions of time switching clocks have in addition to the output for sound signals (ringing) also an output for connected sub-clock-lines.

Ask for detailed information (contact details below) or read on.

Projects realized also abroad (e.g. in Germany)!

Other projects and offered services:

Digital clock with temperature measurement, size of shown signs 100 x 360 mm (bus station Krajne).

Development of precise measurement systems (temperature, pressure, strain-gage, weighing systems)

Developments with single chip microprocessors of following types: 8051, ST6, MSP430, Atmel-AVR, Scenix.

Design and realisation of battery driven systems (low power).

IrDA lite protocol stack for Atmel AVR microcontrollers.

Programing of PDA (Palm OS).

Measurement devices for building material industry - frost behaviour, measurement of relative viskosity, measurement of length changes ...

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